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The Cartoonist
Marcelo Pissardini

Marcelo Pissardini was born on September 11, 1967 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

He began to draw very early, drawing inspiration from the comic books he read. He has collaborated with newspapers in neighborhoods, humor magazines and specialized Internet sites, developing comics, cartoons, comic strips and illustrations.

Some newspapers and websites where Pissardini collaborated:
• The Tribune of Santa Cruz das Palmeiras
• The Pirassununga Movement
• The Tambaú
• Crau Magazine!
• Sobrecarga
• A Charge Online
• Brazil Cartoon International
• Political humor of the portal R7

The Actor

In 1995, he became an actor at the Macunaima's Theater School in São Paulo, and participated in theater shows, some commercials for TV and short films.

In television he has appeared in the Kaiser beer commercials (1995) and the Galak chocolates (1997). He also participated in an episode of the series The Comedy of Private Life (Rede Globo, 1997).

And in the cinema he appeared in two short films: Nelson, by Carlos Cortêz (1995) and All Day All by Frávio Frederico (1998).

In the Videos section of this site you can watch some of these works.

The Voice Actor

It was in that same year that he began working in the area of dubbing, lending his voice to thousands of actors and characters in films, series and cartoons.

He is the Brazilian voice of Squidward (SpongeBob SquarePants), Bills (Dragon Ball Super), Stan Pines (Gravity Falls), Gomez Addams ((The Addams Family - The 1964 Series), Hades (Knights of the Zodiac), and of countless other characters.

Also makes narrations and commercial speech.

In the Videos section of this site, you can watch some interviews with Pissardini talking about their work in dubbing.

The Director

Since 1995 he has produced cartoons and short films that have already been aired on the Community Channel of São Paulo, MTV Brasil, Fiz Tv and the internet.

He founded his company, Marcelo Pissardini Productions, in the year 2007.

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