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Pissardini in the Kaiser Commercial

Marcelo Pissardini in the Kaiser beer commercial (Kaiser Bar - Parrot) in 1995.

Pissardini in the Galak Chocolate Commercial

Pissardini in the Galak chocolate commercial (1997).


Short film by Carlos Cortez. With Ewerton de Castro, Marisa Orth, Paulo Gorgulho, Angelo Brandini, Fernando Vieira and Marcelo Pissardini (1995).

Pissardini in The Dawn Command Show

Pissardini was interviewed by the legendary Goulart de Andrade for his The Dawn Command Show in 2003.

Pissardini at Comic Con 2014

Interview granted by Pissardini to the site Omelete in 2014, during the first CCXP - Comic Con Experience.

Pissardini 20 Years of Dubbing

Special Celebratory Video of 20 Years of work in Dubbing (2015).

Pissardini at the 1st Latin American Humor Salon

Between April and May 2016, the 1st Latin American Humor Salon took place in the Atos Tiradentes Hall, inside the Latin American Memorial in São Paulo, and Pissardini participated with 3 caricatures.

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